Graph Window

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Parametrage SDRSharp

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Replay .wav

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List of devices received
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List of messages received
The pressure of my 4 tires with export from the list of received messages reloaded in calc
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The temperature of my fridge with export from the list of received messages reloaded in calc.

 Update version - July 2021


  1. SRSharp setting

  2. Launch

  3. Frequencies

  4. Implemented Rtl_433 options 

  5. Display

  6. Registration

  7. File Conversion

  8. Other SDRSharp sources

  9. Storage in the . config file of SDRSharp


  1. Test Setup

  2. Other SDR keys tested


Warning: Do not try to download the dlls by right-clicking on them which opens the browser menu and save the link as, this action creates a text file of the dll name.

You have to click on the name of the dll with the left button and download (start again for the other 2 dlls).  


Select the current version x.x.x.x    


  Warning: 2 different SDRSharp installations.  

    1-Recent versions have sdrsharp.exe in a bin folder.  
           In this case, position yourself in C: SDRSharp/plugins  
         - Create a RTL_433 folder and place the 3 dll in it.  
         - Important:Delete the 3 dll if they are in bin.  
         - Delete the key if it is in plugins.xml.  

    2-SDRSharp version without bin folder:  
        - SDRSharp installation (tested with version  
        - Place the files in the install folder (SDRSharp.Rtl_433.dll rtl_433.dll and GraphLib.dll) in the SDRSharp folder.  
       - Add the line add key="RTL_433" value="SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp . Rtl_433" /> in the plugins.xml file .  


1-SRSharp setting

  The plugin processes the raw IQ data, so a priori, only the parameters located in the upper band changes its operation.

Configure source button:   

  • Sampling mode:quadrature sampling   

  • Preferred Sample Rate->0.25 MSPS(default value rtl433), imposed if record .wav  

  • Tuner AGC:on(corresponds to auto gain with rtl433) can be manually-> off.

  • RTL AGC:off.(not the AGC panel) can be set on for weak signals.


  After configuring SDRSharp (see chapter configuration, this information is initially recalled in the plugin window).The play button of SDR validates the start button of the sdr_433 plugin.Start button to activate the plugin.Then wait for a recognized message.


   It is possible to select the different frequencies quoted on the site free selection allows to launch the plugin without changing the frequency.

4-Implemented Rtl_433 options 

    - v. :verbose
    - M :Mlevel, metadata addition of 4 data 'SNR RSSI frequency and noise.
    - C :data conv. Data conversion.
    - S :Save -none -all -known -unknown  
             This version saves the . cu8 files in the SDRSharp.exe folder.
    - R : hide select: no processing of selected devices
             show select: processing only selected devices.
   On Start: RTL_433 options are displayed on the plugin message window.  
For more information on Rtl_433 see


  The 3 radio buttons under the start button allow you to select the display mode.  
            -List messages: Display one window per device containing all received messages.
                     Export button see  record chapter .
           - Graph: opening a window per device containing the last 4 messages and 3 associated graphics.
                     Button one shoot see record chapter .
           - List devices: Display a single list containing one line per device with the last data received.  
                - Columns are added when receiving new data labels.  
                -Backup reload see record chapter.

                It is possible to switch from one mode to another without stopping the plugin.  

   Verbose output display in the console window.
    Frequency spectrum display in replay mode.
      - To limit memory consumption, the graphs are displayed on the first 5 and on demand for the others (Display curves button on the windows.) This limit is stored in the SDRSharp.config or SDRSharp.exe.config file, depending on the version, after a correct first load of the plugin. RTL_433_plugin.nbDevicesWithGraph.

- Limiting the maximum device window to 100, this limit is stored in the file SDRSharp.config or SDRSharp.exe.config depending on the versions after a first correct loading of the plugin. RTL_433_plugin.MaxDevicesWindows key (this value can be lowered if computers still have memory problems without graphics).  


From plugin window:

  -Record data for each device in . wav file
          - either in stereo mode for I and Q which makes it possible to replay this file by selecting it by the SDRSharp(Baseband Files(*.wav) source).To change the file, configure SDRSharp button.
          - either in mono mode for the IQ module which allows the signal to be displayed with Audacity or other third-party software.
    To start these recordings, select MONO STEREO at rtl433 interface, both are possible at the same time.
    Then launch "record one shoot" at the window of the device . 1 is only selectable, it is the last selected that is taken into account.

For these recordings, it is preferable to center the frequency on the device selected to have a frequency spectrum centered.
    If the Recordings folder of SDRSharp exists, the files will be saved in it otherwise in the SDRSharp folder.
    These files contain all the data entered at once(50,000 bytes) and are not limited to the device data.

​   File name are:
       -Device name.
       -Device ID.
       -Channel if exist.
       -MONO or STEREO

-From the List messages window;
    The export button allows to save the data in text format which can be refilled by a spreadsheet(calc... separator:tabulation)(formula;=SI(F2="d37d96";H2;"")).
    The name of the file is that of the window.CAUTION overwriting the file without confirmation.
    If the Recordings folder of SDRSharp exists, the files will be saved in it otherwise in the SDRSharp folder.

-From the List devices window;
    - When this window is closed, it is possible to save the data in text format which can be refilled by a spreadsheet(calc... separator:tabulation).
      The file is called devices.txt, CAUTION overwriting the file without confirmation.                                  - When selecting this type of window (List devices button), it is possible to reload the file

This window is limited to 100 columns and 10 times the maximum number of devices set in . config * 10.   100*10 by default.

7-File Conversion

    Convert .cu8 to .wav STEREO files to reload with SDRSharp.
   The file names are completed by STEREO or MONO, cu8 is replaced by wav.

   The sampling rate is taken at the end of the file name between _ and k.
   If it does not exist, 250000 is taken by default.

8-Other SDRSharp sources

  The "normal" source is RTL SDR-UDP 
    - Source SDRSharp RTL SDR-TCP 
        - A setting that works:   
            - Select the RTL-SDR TCP source.
               - Configure source:
                     - Host
                     - Port
                     - Sample rate=0.25MSPS
               - Select RTL AGC
                - Start SDRSharp
                - Select Tuner AGC
                - Start the plugin.  

    -Source Spy Server Network
       - A setting that works:  
           - SDR:// Select a server with the correct frequency band,  
           - Gain 29  
           - IQ format PCM 8 bits  
           - Bandwidth 250khz  
           - full IQ  
           - The server must have the correct frequency band

9-Storage in the . config file of SDRSharp

  - Memorize Metadata=>>RTL_433_plugin.MetaData.
  - Memorize Frequency=>RTL_433_plugin.Frequency.  
  - Number of device windows displayed with graphics => RTL_433_plugin.nbDevicesWithGraph
  - Maximum number of device windows displayed=>RTL_433_plugin.maxDevicesWindows


1-Test Setup

  • Operating systeme:Windows 10.

  • Clé DVB-T+FM+DAB 820T2 & SDR DV3 USB2.0

  • SDRSharp 1811

  • Modified version of rtl_433 of March 1, 2021.

2-Other SDR keys tested

  - The plugin works with AirSpy R2 and Airspy mini (users tests).